Merrick Garland ‘deeply disheartened’


Merrick Garland ‘deeply disheartened’  issued a statement late Monday honoring the recent deaths of two federal officers who died in the line of duty.

“We are grateful for the courage and selfless sacrifice of these heroes,” the statement read. “And I join the entire Justice Department in conveying our support and deepest sympathies to their families.”

Jared Keyworth, a deputy U.S. Marshal and senior inspector, died last month in a car accident while responding to a felony offender case near Florence, Mississippi, according to the Advocate. Keyworth served for 11 years and was station in Baton Rouge, the report said.

An unidentified Drug Enforcement Administration agent was killed in a shooting on Monday in Tucson, Arizona.


Merrick Garland ‘deeply disheartened’ and deeply saddened by the shooting this morning in Tucson, Arizona, that killed a DEA special agent and injured another DEA agent and a task force officer from the Tucson Police Department,” the statement read.

This is inhuman, and it doesn’t represent the ideology and philosophy of the great  people of the United State

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  1. Merrick Garland was so profoundly connected to the Clintons that it was acceptable he never came to the Supreme Court. At whatever point Joe Biden selected him for this post I couldn’t resist the urge to believe that Hillary had her hands in that choice. I’m truly not entirely certain in case Hillary isn’t by one way or another piece of the shadow government running Joe’s Presidency.

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